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Benzema: Ronaldo more selfish than me; Real Madrid fans can hurt you

Date :November 13,2017

Source :Tribalfootball.com

Benzema: Ronaldo more selfish than me; Real Madrid fans can hurt you

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema says he has no problem playing as a support for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Benzema admits Ronaldo is "more selfish than me", but insists he has no problem with that.

"Cristiano and I get along well, I like to play with him, he likes to play with the first touch, he`s more selfish than me, but that`s normal, it does not bother me, in the end it`s good for the team," he said.

"I score goals, but when there is someone who scores 50 goals per season ... Before, a striker scored 25 goals and was a good striker, now ... I like football and winning titles. I am having fun."

On criticism of Real fans, Benzema admits it can hurt him.

He told Canal Football Club: "I must give an example on the playing field, criticism, insults ... it`s difficult, especially in Spain, where sometimes you do not understand everything, but it hurts a lot in France too, especially when it affects your family.

"You must be professional and give an example to the youngest, to the young, to all, football has an impact, it is difficult, I can contain myself, what is more difficult is when the criticism comes from your own fans, it is really difficult.

"Normally, they`re there to cheer you up, in (Patrice) Evra`s case, I do not know what insult he got, but it must have hurt him."

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