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Client's Review
  • TintinSweden

    Just dropping an email to show appreciation for the reliable sports tipsters you have recommended over the past 7 months. I have grown to rely on their valued picks and I don't mind paying the price for the picks because I know each pick has been analyzed in depth. This is something you don't get with every sports handicapping site. Keep up the hard work

  • Aron EvensenNorway

    Just wanted to say, as a long time customer, I think your services is superb! Huge help in picking up the genuine tipsters.

  • Alfred B. BurkeUSA

    I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with your monitoring services. I have used it for many years, however this has been my best year by far! I live in Las Vegas and have made over $10000 by using your tipsters.

  • Adam HarrisonUK

    Can't live without your tipsters. You do a great job!

  • AndreasGermany

    What a pleasant surprise, you are actually an honest soccer tipster site, even when you lose! I have watched your site for sometime now and I finally decided to give the tipsters a try. After 7 days I came out +$1300 after their fees. Thank you monitoredtips for your services and recommendation.

  • Sami PennanenFinland

    Thank you so much for the invaluable insider picks and superb tips. Having a handicapping background made me wonder if I might be wasting my time, but -- boy oh boy -- did you prove me wrong! I earned more money in that one month than I have from years of buying those self-professed masters of soccer betting. You can bet I will be recommending your services www.Bookies-Tips.com to as many people as I can reach.

  • Daniel RichterCzech

    I haven't really followed other tipster, Fixamatch.com is the one I consistently follow to get who I should bet on for tonight's match ups.

  • AlwinSweden

    I thought I knew it all but was just unlucky. I studied all the stats but still could not pick a winner. After searching around and getting the same pitch everywhere I found Monitoredtips. purchase from few recommended tipsters and am now a happy customer. Monitoredtips changed the way I bet and gave me the confidence to choose the right tipster.

  • MassimilianoItaly

    I am strictly a weekend bettor. I love the tips from www.fixamatch.com. The winning % has been insane I am ahead over $9,000 in 4 weeks. Been betting for 15 years without this kind of results. They know the inside info and have given me my best run ever. I am here for good. I wasted a lot of time and money on other services until I found monitoredtips.com. I guess I paid my dues to get here. Thank you guys.

  • Tyler HurstWales

    Soccertipforecast is one of only a select few tipster that I would recommend to others. He has consistently been producing winners for what seems like forever. If you like to make money, Monitoredtips registered tipsters is your choice. Others in this industry like to scheme and lie about overall records, but in Monitoredtips, the company is honest and lets his records speak for itself.

  • Christian FryerAustralia

    I love the philosophy of focusing your money on the best tipsters instead of betting on my own prediction and trying to just win more than you lose. It just make so much sense. And the juice kills you when you bet so many games too. Keep up the good job in providing us the genuine top soccer tipsters.

  • Motoyuki MatsuuraJapan

    I just started betting on sports & was getting crushed. I noticed everytime I laid points my team would not cover. I googled scoretipforecast & land on www.scoretipforecast.com. I purchase the Asian handicap and fixed odds package everyday with my morning coffee, this is the second job I always wanted

  • MarcusUnited States

    I won $15,000 in a local pub pool contest on Staten Island using AccumulatorsTips. There were 5 tips, and my winning percentage was 80%. I also won a daily prize in that same contest, picking 4 winners out of possible 5, for $5800. Thank you so much!

  • 宮前 大輝Japan

    Just wanted to say hello and drop you a quick email, sorry for giving you a hard time questioning your system at first. Thought I was getting involved with another losing proposition. Glad you took the time to speak to me, to tell me the long-term about this business and its not about one day or one game. You sure are persistent...

  • Robert E. SolizUnited States

    Monitoredtips tipster turned me into a pro overnight. I had been picking soccer for over 20-years and considered myself to be pretty good. A few months ago, I went on cold streak and I could not snap out of it no matter what I did. I was losing every day and I did not know what to do. Brandon gave me a call and changed up the way I made my plays. Now thanks to him I have made over 10-1 on my money in last month.

  • Dae-MongKorea

    I have found this website from the search engine. At first time I don't understand this until I realise this is a monitoring site for tipsters, I submitted a few tipster to monitor and results been great now I can tell who are the genuine tipsters.

  • Przemko DudaPoland

    ScoreTipForecast.com are the best soccer tipster who does not run the "hard sell" or crazy claims of greatness. ScoreTipForecast provide one on one communication and in my opinion they are a great tipster with high morals and are very fair. ScoreTipForecast are the only tipster I would ever believe in and listen too.

  • Toby AslattAustralia

    I've long owed you a debt of thanks for the superb tips...I know it has made me a winner. In addition, my arm's length investigations to date lead me to believe that you are attempting to operate honorably in an arena where few know the meaning of the word. In that regard, for what they're worth, you have my respect and my best wishes for success.

  • Tom BaderGelsenkirchen

    Just to say that from the get go I have found your service refreshingly transparent,honest & most importantly, if i play patient & disciplined i am very profitable with your recommended tipster. Furthermore the after sales care from those tipster is first rate. I look forward to a long and prosperous association.

  • WatiIndonesia

    Excellent information found on Monitoredtips.com I see that I can recommend tipsters to be monitored, and tipsters that do not want to be monitored by you guys are probably fake. Thank you for helping me to monitored my tipsters

  • JunoJapan

    I have been using two tipsters service for a while and I was unsure where is the next trusted tipster after they turn bad. Luckily I found you guys to help me to monitor the tipsters.

  • TheodoreGreece

    Dear monitored tips, thanks for monitoring the tipster past results for me. As expected now I can ensure of it. Will recommend more tipster for your to help me monitor.

  • ZackGreece

    Bad run for the first 3 days, found some fake tipsters, but now I found this site and its helping me to see genuine tips Thank you Monitoredtips for making my dream comes true. All the way. Best professional tipsters monitoring service ever.

  • Bast LorenItaly

    Thank you for your patience and all the guidance in Asian Handicap tips. The tipsters are marvelous. To be very honest, I do not expect such high consistency in your service. You have proven to me that you guys are for real.

  • Lee Man ShiMalaysia

    Dear Monitoredtips, glad that you share these information and service. I will recommend more people to like your page. Keep up the good work in monitoring!!!

  • EmilioItaly

    Found this a month ago and I must say, most of the tipsters are good. A very thank you to the Monitoredtips team for providing good support since the beginning. Will recommend more tipsters to join the site

  • HugoUnitedKingdom

    I was first made aware of this site three months ago when I was contacted to see if they could conduct a review of my existing tipsters and since day one I have been really impressed. Manage to get the tipsters on the monitoring service is a good start for me

  • LouvelFrance

    I find the Monitoredtips tipsters service very consistent and honest in its evaluation in terms of finding winners. Few services i using now is on a roll at the moment and long may it continue! Your staff are extremely helpful and cordial whenever I have dealt with them, and customer care is both professional and prompt when dealing with any queries Ive had. This is a service I would highly recommend to anyone.

  • Micheal BurrowsEngland

    I had subscribed to many tipsters in UK before and I do not know who are genuine. We this service I can recommend tipster to keep track of them. Please keep the service up, I do not mind some ads

  • LouisHongKong

    Now I can follow my favourite tipsters and let a third party monitor their records. Saves me time and money.

  • Kuno IshaIndonesia

    Monitoredtips.com literally changed my life twice - first when they recommended my service to their members and then when I realized there are more services out there that know what they're doing. An amazing service!

  • V. KoumantarakisGreece

    I just wanted to say thank you for creating a wonderful tipster monitoring site. First time in so many years I can now summarize my views on this site. Really good service to weed out the genuine tipsters

  • Charlie.TonkinsonEngland

    Great work team!! I ve finally found a free service that list out a good directory of soccer tipsters

  • BrunoItaly

    Thank you for your service, I am very satisfied for the past few weeks and as promised I have given you my fair testimonial. Definitely will recommend more tipster to use this site.

  • Terry NguyenVietnam

    Great site, where I can see all the results at one time. I will continue recommend more tipster to build up the profile Although not all tipsters agree to join the service but at least I can weed out the genuine ones.

  • SebastianPoland

    This site helps me take out tipsters that are not genuine, the internet is a big place and thankfully you guys save me a hell lot of time and money

  • AlexBrazil

    First time I see a professional tips monitoring website. Other tipster monitoring sites as so shaddy I sometimes think they are not genuine anyway keep up the good work!!

  • AlexeiUkraine

    Great idea, nowadays hardly any tipsters let a third party to monitor their results. Definitely will recommend others to come see the information. Keep up the good work!!

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